Use TRX Rip Trainer to Help You Improve Your Golfing Swing

So, you think that playing golf is very simple? Well, you should probably give it a second thought. Playing golf requires a lot of technique, experience, and physical strength. A game of golf may seem very simple for you. However, in reality it is not so simple at all. Imagine having to strike a small golf ball in such a way that it successfully travels hundreds of yards to reach the next target flag against various odds such as strong winds, undulated terrain, and several big trees. You will need great focus, strength, and experience to make this possible.

According to experts, you require some amount of baseline strength in order to complete a controlled and strong backswing all the way to the final impact. This is one of the main reasons behind golfers using the TRX Rip Trainer (DrenchFit – Rip Trainer). This helps the professionals to train themselves to stand firmly on the ground while they rotate their body from a backswing position to a downswing position. You have to hold the Rip Trainer at the top of your backswing and, at the same time, also work against the resistance provided by the Rip Cord. This will help you to build the force and strength needed to generate a powerful downswing and to allow the ball to travel a great distance. Using the TRX Rip Trainer can help your body to remain stable, well connected with the ground, and to get mobile with total control. This will help you to hit the golf ball further away and in a consistent manner.

You require a lot of practice and dedication to master the game of golf. Merely playing the sport with your friends once or twice a month will not be enough to become a master golfer. You also need to spend time on the golf course and understand the various hurdles on the course such as trees, dry patches, wind speed, and many more. Most importantly, you need to understand your different golf clubs and the technique to use them properly on the golf course. If you do not know the basic difference between your clubs, then you will not be able to play properly. Your shots will go haywire and you will lose very easily in a competition. In order to play properly, you also need proper physical training so that you can swing your various clubs properly and in a fruitful manner.

Source: Drench Health and Fitness


7 Useful Tips for Effectively Using a Golf Rangefinder

Playing golf no longer involves a few golf clubs and some golf balls. It involves a lot of gadgets to help you play like a professional. If you watch a game of golf on television, you will notice that players use a special device, which they use to gauge the golf course and their next hole. This device is known as a rangefinder for golf. There are several types of rangefinders in the market. However, a laser rangefinder is the most popular among others. People believe that using such a device is not at all simple. However, there are ways to improve your performance on the golf course using a laser rangefinder.

7 Tips for Using a Golf Rangefinder

There are 7 simple tips to help you use a golf rangefinder easily. These have been mentioned below.

  1. If you watch videos on how to use a golf rangefinder on various online video websites, such as YouTube, you will be able to understand the technique properly. Preferably, videos made by rangefinder manufacturers or with lots of “views” will be a good choice.
  2. Once you have watched a few good videos, you should read the instructions on the manual of your rangefinder. If there were none in the box, better check the website of the manufacturer to find the instructions of your rangefinder. This will help clear any doubts in your mind after watching the videos.
  3. The biggest and most popular manufacturers of rangefinders use terms like PinHunter, First Target Priority, and Pinseeker. These technologies are very useful for golfers, who find it very difficult to use a rangefinder due to their unsteady hands try to use these technologies at home. Aim the rangefinder right at the ground and try to get some readings to get an idea of such technologies.
  4. Take the rangefinder out and use it on targets at a distance of around 50 to 100 yards. You should not take long to get accustomed to the device and to get readings on far away houses or trees.
  5. You may also take the rangefinder to your driving range and aim them at the pins of flags to point out target holes. Start with the closest and move further away once you get proper readings.
  6. Expect to take some time in order to get consistent readings on your rangefinder. For beginners, it will certainly not be an easy task.
  7. Once you master using your rangefinder, better keep on practicing to use it properly on your golf course.

Source: Internet Golf Review’s Homepage

SEO and Search Marketing Tips For Golf Businesses

No matter what business you are in wither it’s auto sales or golf lessons, if you rely on new customers to keep your doors open you know that most of those customers start their search for a store or service provider online. Business owners who aren’t well versed in the ways of the Internet and Google might wonder how exactly they get their website to move up in the search engine rankings and in front of potentially valuable customers.

No doubt you have been solicited by countless SEO businesses over the course of just a month or two. Each of them offering or even guaranteeing to get you to number one in the search engines.  Admit, you’ve almost been tempted to reach out to one of those sender to get a little more information.

Without knowing the first thing about SEO, how do you choose a qualified service provider? Here are a few tips for choosing a qualified Search Engine Optimization company to help your business succeed.

  1. You’re going to need more than just blog posts – Some SEO providers will tell you that one of their main strategies is going to be writing a lot of blog posts. They might say that the reason for this is to make your business relevant for your niche or location. While this is important there is so much more that goes into  improving a businesses position in the SERPs than just content.
  2. If they don’t ask for access to your website, they are skilling step #1 – Just like you can’t build a site on a bad foundation, the first thing that your SEO experts should do is fix or improve you’re on site optimization. This includes adding Schema to your site to describe your business to Google. They should also make sure that your Meta Titles and Meta Descriptions contain the keywords that you most want to rank for. If you’re SEO does update your meta titles and descriptions, they should make sense. If they seem “spammy”, this is a bad sign about the firm you hired.
  3. If they offer you a “menu” of services, remind them that you’re not at a restaurant – If you knew all about SEO already you wouldn’t need to hire somebody. If they are giving you a menu of services to choose from they are defacto asking you to choose what’s best for your own business. Search optimization is a complicated thing to do and the strategy that should be taken is best handled by an expert. A good SEO should be able to tell you want the plan is and quote you a monthly price for everything.
  4. There is no such thing as good “Cheap” SEO – The truth is, SEO is a time consuming, labor intensive process. Quality SEO that is going to make your site stick on one of those top positions can’t be automated by with any software. It requires people hunting down and acquiring quality back links to your site. Writing quality articles to submit to relevant websites. Whoever devotes all those hours to your business needs to be paid. With cheap SEO you are either getting automation or  you are getting sub-par employees doing the work.

I hope that you have found these tips useful. We want to thank Big League Search of Highlands Ranch for the tips. The are experts in all things search marketing and web development. If you want to learn more about them, check them out on LinkedIn.

Beginning Tips to Improve Your Golf Swing

Beginning Golf Tips

Beginning Tips to Improve Your Golf Swing

Golf is a sport that is enjoyed by millions of people every day all over the world. For many years, men, women, and children have taken part in the sport of Golf. There are professional golfers and not-so-professional golfers. There are expert golfers, intermediate golfers, and beginners. No matter what level of golf we play, we all want to improve our golf game. The first step to propelling yourself towards competing with golf professionals is to learn and apply some specific principles of the game.

The Principles of Golf

What principles do I mean? Well, these principles include a variety of areas, such as mental attitude, swing, and determination. Next, how much you are willing to practice? Why not start with the principle of developing a routine? As with anything in life, golf requires the diligent application to master. It is suggested that you play golf a minimum of two times weekly. To get the most out of the sport of golf, four times weekly is best. This may seem like a lot, but keep in mind that it is a game you love and want to improve.

Tips To Improve Your Golf Swing

If you are an avid golf fan and have watched the pros at work then I am sure you have wondered how in the heck they can hit the ball so far with accuracy. The secret is in the golf swing plane. Simply put, having a good swing plane means you will be able to hit the ball further with greater accuracy.
Visualize Tiger Woods golf swing when thinking of your golf swing plane. Ben Hogan was responsible for getting golfers obsessed with attaining the perfect golf swing plane.

Before I reveal the good stuff here are some basics to keep in mind.

There are three parts to the golf swing plane.

1. The backswing – drawing the golf club back behind you getting ready for the shot

2. The downswing – swinging the club down to strike the golf ball

3. Finally, the follow-through completes the entire golf swing

The golf swing plane represents the path on which the golf club should travel during the swing to achieve strong, accurate and consistent shots. Each golfer swing plane is determined by their stance. The plane will be steeper or flatter depending on how much you bend from the hips forward.

To picture the golf plane, imagine yourself standing over the ball, club in hand extended and ready to take a shot. Now imagine a diagonal line starting from the ball and extending up towards you along the shaft and extending above and behind you.

Here is a great video on the golf swing plane from Mark Crossfield that will you grasp this concept.

The right swing involves drawing the golf club back, keeping it parallel to the imaginary diagonal line and stopping when the club head is above your right shoulder (if you’re right-handed) and then swinging the club down the same path, hitting the ball and finally following through to the top.

Grip, aim, stance and posture should also be taken into consideration in addition to the above in order to achieve the perfect golf shot.

6 Tips to Improve Your Golf Swing

1. Swinging within the proper golf swing plane is crucial to achieve a good shot. To swing within the plane, the correct posture is important. Correct posture consists of distributing your body weight evenly on the balls of your feet, hands must hang low, the back should be straight, bend at the hips, chin up and aim for your body.

2. Keep your head still and eyes on the ball

3. Draw the club back until it’s behind you

4. The shaft of the golf club should be behind you directly across your shoulders

5. If the club is way over your shoulder, your swing plane is too steep and if it’s too low by your elbows then its too flat. However, consistent practice will reveal which swing plane is better for you

6. Practice, practice, practice until it becomes second nature

In Conclusion

There’s More To Achieving The Perfect Golf Shot…

The above are just basic tips; there is more to achieving the perfect golf swing than what is described above such as whether to adopt the one plane golf swing or 2, how to have the perfect grip, correct body alignment, learning backswing, downswing and follow through fundamentals

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