Beginning Tips to Improve Your Golf Swing

Beginning Golf Tips

Beginning Tips to Improve Your Golf Swing

Golf is a sport that is enjoyed by millions of people every day all over the world. For many years, men, women, and children have taken part in the sport of Golf. There are professional golfers and not-so-professional golfers. There are expert golfers, intermediate golfers, and beginners. No matter what level of golf we play, we all want to improve our golf game. The first step to propelling yourself towards competing with golf professionals is to learn and apply some specific principles of the game.

The Principles of Golf

What principles do I mean? Well, these principles include a variety of areas, such as mental attitude, swing, and determination. Next, how much you are willing to practice? Why not start with the principle of developing a routine? As with anything in life, golf requires the diligent application to master. It is suggested that you play golf a minimum of two times weekly. To get the most out of the sport of golf, four times weekly is best. This may seem like a lot, but keep in mind that it is a game you love and want to improve.

Tips To Improve Your Golf Swing

If you are an avid golf fan and have watched the pros at work then I am sure you have wondered how in the heck they can hit the ball so far with accuracy. The secret is in the golf swing plane. Simply put, having a good swing plane means you will be able to hit the ball further with greater accuracy.
Visualize Tiger Woods golf swing when thinking of your golf swing plane. Ben Hogan was responsible for getting golfers obsessed with attaining the perfect golf swing plane.

Before I reveal the good stuff here are some basics to keep in mind.

There are three parts to the golf swing plane.

1. The backswing – drawing the golf club back behind you getting ready for the shot

2. The downswing – swinging the club down to strike the golf ball

3. Finally, the follow-through completes the entire golf swing

The golf swing plane represents the path on which the golf club should travel during the swing to achieve strong, accurate and consistent shots. Each golfer swing plane is determined by their stance. The plane will be steeper or flatter depending on how much you bend from the hips forward.

To picture the golf plane, imagine yourself standing over the ball, club in hand extended and ready to take a shot. Now imagine a diagonal line starting from the ball and extending up towards you along the shaft and extending above and behind you.

Here is a great video on the golf swing plane from Mark Crossfield that will you grasp this concept.

The right swing involves drawing the golf club back, keeping it parallel to the imaginary diagonal line and stopping when the club head is above your right shoulder (if you’re right-handed) and then swinging the club down the same path, hitting the ball and finally following through to the top.

Grip, aim, stance and posture should also be taken into consideration in addition to the above in order to achieve the perfect golf shot.

6 Tips to Improve Your Golf Swing

1. Swinging within the proper golf swing plane is crucial to achieve a good shot. To swing within the plane, the correct posture is important. Correct posture consists of distributing your body weight evenly on the balls of your feet, hands must hang low, the back should be straight, bend at the hips, chin up and aim for your body.

2. Keep your head still and eyes on the ball

3. Draw the club back until it’s behind you

4. The shaft of the golf club should be behind you directly across your shoulders

5. If the club is way over your shoulder, your swing plane is too steep and if it’s too low by your elbows then its too flat. However, consistent practice will reveal which swing plane is better for you

6. Practice, practice, practice until it becomes second nature

In Conclusion

There’s More To Achieving The Perfect Golf Shot…

The above are just basic tips; there is more to achieving the perfect golf swing than what is described above such as whether to adopt the one plane golf swing or 2, how to have the perfect grip, correct body alignment, learning backswing, downswing and follow through fundamentals