7 Useful Tips for Effectively Using a Golf Rangefinder

Playing golf no longer involves a few golf clubs and some golf balls. It involves a lot of gadgets to help you play like a professional. If you watch a game of golf on television, you will notice that players use a special device, which they use to gauge the golf course and their next hole. This device is known as a rangefinder for golf. There are several types of rangefinders in the market. However, a laser rangefinder is the most popular among others. People believe that using such a device is not at all simple. However, there are ways to improve your performance on the golf course using a laser rangefinder.

7 Tips for Using a Golf Rangefinder

There are 7 simple tips to help you use a golf rangefinder easily. These have been mentioned below.

  1. If you watch videos on how to use a golf rangefinder on various online video websites, such as YouTube, you will be able to understand the technique properly. Preferably, videos made by rangefinder manufacturers or with lots of “views” will be a good choice.
  2. Once you have watched a few good videos, you should read the instructions on the manual of your rangefinder. If there were none in the box, better check the website of the manufacturer to find the instructions of your rangefinder. This will help clear any doubts in your mind after watching the videos.
  3. The biggest and most popular manufacturers of rangefinders use terms like PinHunter, First Target Priority, and Pinseeker. These technologies are very useful for golfers, who find it very difficult to use a rangefinder due to their unsteady hands try to use these technologies at home. Aim the rangefinder right at the ground and try to get some readings to get an idea of such technologies.
  4. Take the rangefinder out and use it on targets at a distance of around 50 to 100 yards. You should not take long to get accustomed to the device and to get readings on far away houses or trees.
  5. You may also take the rangefinder to your driving range and aim them at the pins of flags to point out target holes. Start with the closest and move further away once you get proper readings.
  6. Expect to take some time in order to get consistent readings on your rangefinder. For beginners, it will certainly not be an easy task.
  7. Once you master using your rangefinder, better keep on practicing to use it properly on your golf course.

Source: Internet Golf Review’s Homepage